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The 2024 International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) in Logan, Utah on April 4th, 2024!

Link to live showing information:


When: April 4th, 2024

Time: 5:30 pm

Where: The Utah Theatre


Our 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023 showings were all huge successes thanks to the support of great friends and brands. I truly appreciate all that has been done to make these shows memorable for our community and support the conservation goals I have made. With the 2022 and 2023 event, we were able to support the Cub River project and the North Eden Creek project with Trout Unlimited. This allowed us to purchase, build and install a stream gage to better monitor depth, temperature and water quality of North Eden Creek which also gives us the ability to develop a flow curve and closer monitor stream flow. A major update to the project is that the county approved construction of a bridge at the road crossing of North Eden Creek which will once again connect more than 10 miles of historic spawning habitat, an approximate 50% increase in available spawning grounds, for the endemic Bear Lake Cutthroat trout which they haven’t been able to access for over 78 years. The public attention and increased awareness of this project received from the IF4 event contributed to the decisions from the county and landowner support. Now, in the fall of 2024 the plan to remove the culvert stopping upstream migration is finally moving forward.






The Bear Lake biologist, Emily Wright, and I electrofishing in spring of 2023 below the culvert to be removed and finding adfluvial Bear Lake Cutthroat attempting to migrate upstream.

This year, The Coleman Collection has decided to partner again with Trout Unlimited to donate the funds raised to help purchase equipment which will aid in establishing baseline conditions of North Eden creek which will support development of a monitoring plan to determine project effectiveness moving forward. While funding for the actual culvert removal was raised through large grants awarded to the project director, Jim DeRito at Trout Unlimited, funding for equipment is often difficult to write into these types of grants.


Luckily, the equipment we are donating funds to help purchase is not a one-time use type of item and these tools can be used on multiple projects which TU has planned this summer. This includes Paris Creek, a stream that PacifiCorp has had a hydro-station on which dewaters 4 miles of the creek starting a couple hundred feet below the source spring limiting fluvial cutthroat trout population growth. TU is working with PacifiCorp on the decommissioning of the hydro station on Paris Creek which will restore approximately 4 miles of the creek and provide head water spawning habitat for the migratory Bear River Cutthroat trout. Your support in raising money for this equipment will continue to benefit projects like this long into the future.


As with each showing we will be having a huge opportunity drawing for guests to participate in.


Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding the showing, product to send or if you are interested in donating funds to the equipment itself, I can connect you with the Trout Unlimited project director, Jim DeRito.


Thank you for your continued support,


 Tyler Coleman

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